Note: This book is out of date and is no longer for sale. Thank you for your interest.

The Home Cash Machine

So you want to earn money online? Great, because you can learn
how to make money on the Internet, starting right now…
in fact, for everyone looking for a serious, legitimate and ethical way
to make money online: THIS IS IT!
Of course, I do not expect to sell anyone into it with such simple, bias
declaration, but, I mean it sincerely, and here’s why:
Like so many folks out there, I got started with Internet Marketing
wanting to make a lot of money fast, therefore I was enchanted by
all the glamorous presentations of programs offering online riches,
freedom of lifestyle and turnkey systems; I was greener than green
and I had no investment capital, which looking back probably served
to avoid losing a great deal of money: Perhaps you can relate?

Still, I got my hands on whatever I could afford and started my
journey with sheer determination, only to quickly realize this was not
going to be easy. I created a brain salad jammed with bits and pieces
of information available on the web, which frankly got me nowhere.

Then I learned about Wealthy Affiliate, which at the time appeared
to be a school more than a business to me, and although my need
for education would have been obvious to even a donkey, it did not
attract me at all; WA pale in comparison to all the other shiny
objects around, or so I thought, therefore I stubbornly continued
spinning my wheels. Hopefully this article might help you avoid some
of the pitfalls I have experienced.

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