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How to Automatically Update Your Plugins Using JetPack

In order for you to be able to do this you will need to have installed the JetPack plugin and have a WordPress account, if you dont have one then go to .

Once you have your account then you can install the JetPack Plugin and take the following steps:

Important Note: When I initially wrote this I was using IE 11 and it worked fine but for whatever reason it stopped working and I’ve had to use Firefox instead, hopefully it will get fixed, or you may not even have the same problem.

  • 1. Activate JetPack and you’ll be prompted to connect to
  • 2. Allow the connection, you’ll then be taken back to your site where you will go to settings and activate the Stats Module.
  • 3. Once activated you can either go to the Site Stats page or your Dashboard, if you go to the Stats page look for the link “Did you know you can view enhanced stats on Show ME” and click on it.
  • 4. You will now be taken to the Stats” page on that corresponds to the site you’ve come from.
  • 5. If you have more than 1 WP site then you can access them all from this Dashboard, just click on “My Sites”, you may not be aware of it but a Panel will have opened in the “Other Recent Stats” section and your other sites will appear here.
  • 6. Once you have a site selected then look for the heading “Configure”, it should be the last one on the page so you can start from the bottom and work up if you like.
  • 7. Now you can tab down until you find “Plugins” and activate it. Not sure why but initially when I used IE, I had to click on it twice before the Panel opened but with Firefox it worked just fine.
  • 8. It wasn’t clear to me at first what happened but that Panel opened near the top of the page but has no heading so it is difficult to find, you’ll need to use your keyboard command to locate Landmarks, for JAWS users it is “;”, we’ll look for the “Main” Landmark/Region and tab down.
  • 9. Just like the regular WP Plugin section you have a list of options/menus of what ones you’d like to view, in my case the “All Menus” was selected.
    If you have the Word Fence plugin installed and configured to notify you of alerts and warnings as I do, you’ll get a notification of out of date Plugins and that goes for inactive ones as well so you might want to delete unused ones which is a good idea anyway.
  • 10. Start tabbing down and go through the list and select the ones you want automatically updated, once you select them there is nothing to save, the action is performed and the selection will stay checked until you uncheck it.

Now your Plugins will be automatically updated and if you have many many sites as I do then this is not only a time saver, it is also a good security measure!

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