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Did My Users Get My Email?

Ever wondered if the emails you are sending out from your website are being sent to your mailing list?

I’m not talking about third party mailing lists like MailChimp, I’m referring to plugins like Subscribe2 and JetPack.

You could send out an email and ask if people are receiving it but that isn’t very useful if they aren’t getting them, it may also annoy them and they end up unsubscribing.

Thankfully there is a simple answer and it comes in the form of a Plugin I’ve come across called WP Mail.

This Plugin keeps a log of all emails sent out from your site and you can view the details, this goes for any other Plugins such as security notifications like WordFence.

It isn’t the greatest when it comes to accessibility but it is real simple to install and use just do the following:

  • Go to Plugins-Add New and search for “wp mail logging”, then install and activate it
  • Once activated you can go to WP Mail Log – Settings and adjust to your liking, I didn’t find this section very accessible but my use for it is simple so I didn’t make any changes other than to have a log deleted after a certain number of sent emails. By clicking on the enable text/button you will have opened up an edit box below the disable text/button where you can put the number of emails that will trigger the delete process.
  • Now you can head on over to the WP Mail Log link where you can view a list of emails that have been sent out.
  • It will let you know the date, Receiver and Subject, You can also view what was sent by clicking on the “view” link at the end of the table row.
  • Once you’ve activated it you may not notice what happened, what a surprise! What has happened is the email has opened and I looked for the heading “WP Mail Logging Log” and there it was.
  • The format isn’t the greatest but all of the details such as email address you sent out will be there for you to check.

If you haven’t specified any type of deletion in the Settings area you may want to just delete them at your convenience, or you could save them in the Import/Export area in Settings.

So there you have it, a log of who has or hasn’t received the emails you’ve been sending.

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