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WordPress 5.0 and Screen Reader Users

If you have updated to WordPress 5.0 you are going to notice a new Post/Page interface that will not be accessible to your screen reader and you wont be able to create Posts as you did in the past but all is not lost.

The Home Cash Machine

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Jetpack’s Picks: Five Resources for November

How Much Money Does It Take to Start an Online Business?

Starting an online business is an exciting endeavor. However, it also costs money. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income shares exactly what you’ll need to consider financially if you’re looking to take the leap.

Did My Users Get My Email?

Ever wondered if the emails you are sending out from your website are being sent to your mailing list?

I’m not talking about third party mailing lists like MailChimp, I’m referring to plugins like Subscribe2 and JetPack.

Help!! I’ve Been Locked Out of My WordPress Dashboard!

Sound familiar? If not I can tell you it makes my heart sink into my stomach!

I’m not talking about getting locked out of your account after a certain number of incorrect attempts because of security or forgetting your password and getting an email to reset it, I talking about the dreaded “There is no Account with that Username or Email”.

How to Automatically Update Your Plugins Using JetPack

In order for you to be able to do this you will need to have installed the JetPack plugin and have a WordPress account, if you dont have one then go to .