Note: This book is out of date and is no longer for sale. Thank you for your interest.


Welcome to WordPress for Bad Eyes!

It is my intention to write more Books in the future such as how to set up your own eCommerce site but currently I have just one available.

A Beginners Guide Revised

This is the Updated version of the “A Beginners Guide”, the first in my series of Books for those wanting to set up their own WordPress website.

Originally it was written for screen reader Users but as the Site Name reads, it is for people with “Bad Eyes”, that can mean Blind, Partially Sighted but does not exclude anyone who wants to learn how to set up their own Website, whether it is a personal Blog or business site.

While the language is written as though you were using a screen reader it is plain enough for you to understand if you dont use one.

A lot of things have changed in WordPress since I originally wrote the Guide and this is a reflection of the changes to the date of this writing.

I’ve added some new Plugins to my list of recommended ones and no longer use the Badeyes Skeleton Theme” as I now have 2 Themes in the WordPress Repository, one approved, Badeyes 2014 Child Theme and the other awaiting approval the Priority Theme.

If you read the first edition you’ll find a lot of new and updated information in this issue and I will wrap up the book by guiding you through the steps to create 2 different layouts using the Badeyes 2014 Child Theme.

If you didn’t read the first Edition then this Book/Guide is written from the perspective that you are new to WordPress and dont know the first thing about setting up a WordPress site.

I use easy to understand language and walk you from start to finish on setting up a basic Blog or Business site whether you use a screen reader or not.

This is a must read if you plan on reading more of my Books as I’m going to switch from laymans language to assuming that you know the ins and outs of navigating the WordPress interface so I can give you more relevant content and less detail on how to get around.

New in This Edition

  • Using Softaculous to Install WordPress
  • New Accessibility features
  • Basic Usage of the Customizer
  • Adding Images and Videos
  • Using Post Formats
  • Setting up the Wordfence security Plugin, complete with “Configuration Key” to set up default settings
  • How to Backup and Restore your Database
  • And a number of Quick Tips and short cuts

Not only has there been lots of new content added there is also a Community Forum and a new Interface, or “Dashboard” where you can easily do the following:

  • Edit your Profile
  • Check your Status/Products
  • Participate in the Community Forum
  • Access your Bookmarks
  • Contact form

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