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What Others are Saying

“I’m glad to have found this resource; Geof Collis keeps it simple and straight forward for the technically challenged, fully sighted or not!”

Edwin O. Polini
The Home Cash Machine

I have been tinkering with WordPress for a few years now, and consider myself to be reasonably capable in building a simplistic site. However, reading Geof Collis’s beginner guide has greatly improved my ability to quickly get a site online. The suggested tune-up was extremely helpful in configuring the admin area for maximum efficiency.

Damashe Thomas

I already had my Word Press site when I purchased The word Press for Bad Eyes Book. I was at the point that I wanted to be able to have more control of my website. I am not techy so I was nervous, but I was very happy with how easy Geoff’s book is to read and use. I refer back to it often and find myself building more confidence with maintaining my website.

Thank you so much Geof for writing this book, it has been such a life saver for me and my website since I couldn’t have afforded to hire anyone to do what you have taught me!

Yvonne Garris
Fresh Outlook coach

I bought your book a while ago. I loved it, BTW. It
was exactly what I needed to get me started on WordPress. It does provide
easy-to-use, concise, valuable information not available anywhere else.

Lindy Van Der Merwe
The Bizviz Network

Greg Watcher writes:
“I purchased this earlier today and so far it is a really good guide. I was able to install word press very easily.

I am on to chapter three right now. Have a good one.”

Note: If you are purchasing the Premium Theme, as a standalone or in a bundle, be sure to check for the link to download it in your confirmation email after your purchase.

The Priority Premium Theme

If you haven’t already checked out this Theme you can go to the following Url for more details The Priority Theme.

You can purchase the Premium Theme as a standalone or as part of some Discounted bundle options below.

The Priority Premium Theme
The Priority Premium Theme
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Build an eCommerce, Membership Site with Community Forum

This Book has been written from the position that you are going to be selling a Product such as a Book/Guide like I’ve done on this site, however that is not to suggest that is the only implementation you can learnwithin the Pages, the Plugins are very robust and have many more applications to help accomplish your ultimate goal and that is to sell something that only your Members can access.

While this Book will take you from start to finish in setting up an eCommerce, Membership site with a Community Forum, you will be able to separate them into their different components if you want, I dont go into great detail on how but it is still understandable enough for you to accomplish.

What Can You Accomplish?

Here are but a few of the ways you can use the knowledge you will gather from this Book:

  • Sell a single product such as a pdf, Word or other kind of document for encrypted download.
  • Basic Online Education, use the Membership Plugin to create differing educational levels to send out weekly Posts/Tutorials then discuss them in the Forum, the eCommerce Plugin will handle the transactions, you can have them pay monthly, yearly or any other time period.
  • Just like this site you can create a set of Pages as single Books, give access to them on a Membership level and discuss in the Forum.
  • Create an open or closed Community Forum.

Important Note

Before you purchase one of the Options below it is important you know that in order to create the eCommerce and Membership Modules you will need to buy a couple of Premium Themes from a third Party, they can be bought as a bundle for $79.99 at this writing but may cost more later, once you sell your product you should be able to recoup your costs.

These Premium Plugins are the same ones I’ve used to creat this site, they are very robust and come with many Tutorials of their own if what I’ve written isn’t clear enough, as part of the Purchase you will also have access to the Community Forum where you can ask questions as well.

They can be bought bundled from (opens in new tab/window) just look for the “Frequently bought together” heading way down at the bottom of the page.

You can also buy them separately:

Note: There are also links inside the Book to purchase the Premium Plugins if you are going to go that route, the Forum Plugin is free if that is the only part you want to implement first then decide you want the eCommerce and Membership options afterwards, either together or separately.

It should also be noted that unlike my first Book, A beginners Guide, there are no downloadable versions of the eCommerce Book.

What’s Inside

The Chapters:

  • Build an eCommerce, Membership Site with Community Forum
  • Getting Started
  • Membership: General Settings
  • Membership: Member Settings
  • ecommerce: General Settings
  • ecommerce: Manage Products Settings
  • ecommerce: Miscellaneous Settings
  • Forums: Settings
  • Create a Forum
  • The Layout: Default Pages
  • The Layout: Navigation Menus
  • Create a Book
  • Shortcodes

The free Plugins that are recommended and how to set them up and implement them.

Step by step instructions on how to configure the following:

  • The Membership Plugin and creating Membership Levels
  • The eCommerce Plugin and creating Products
  • The Forum Plugin and creating Forums, Topics and Replies.
  • Plugin to create single Books


Includes some Default Page Templates with Shortcodes and other necessary configurations to take a Buyer from start to finish when purchasing your Product(s).

Show you how to build a site Navigation such as the one for this Site that your Members will use once they’ve completed a Purchase, using The Priority Premium Theme I’ve created that you can buy as a standalone and that also comes bundled with some of the Options below.

Note: The Navigation Chapter example will work with any Theme so if you dont want to use my Premium Theme , I also have a free basic version and the same one I used for this site, just go to your “Themes/Add New” page and search for “the priority” or “badeyes”.


Note: PayPal also accepts Credit and Debit Cards.

If you decide after you’ve purchased one of these Bundles that you would like to pick up the Priority Premium Theme you can buy it inside at the discount price of $14.99 US in the Chapter “The Layout: Default Pages”.



The Build an eCommerce, Membership Site with Community Forum Book, $19.99 US

Note: If you change your mind after you’ve chosen this Option and you want the Beginners Guide Revised you will be able to purchase it inside for $9.99 US.

eCommerce Basic
eCommerce Basic
Price: $19.99

Discount Bundle 1


  • The Build an eCommerce, Membership Site with Community Forum Book = $19.99 US, your price $14.99 US
  • WordPress for Badeyes: A Beginners Guide Revised = $14.99 US, your price $9.99 US
eCommerce Discount Bundle 1
eCommerce Discount Bundle 1
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Discount Bundle 2


  • The Build an eCommerce, Membership Site with Community Forum Book = $19.99 US, your price $14.99 US
  • The Priority Premium WordPress Theme = $19.99 US, your price $14.99 US
eCommerce Discount Bundle 2
eCommerce Discount Bundle 2
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Discount Bundle 3


  • The Build an eCommerce, Membership Site with Community Forum Book = $19.99 US, your price $14.99 US
  • WordPress for Badeyes: A Beginners Guide Revised = $14.99 US, your price $9.99 US
  • The Priority Premium WordPress Theme -= $19.99 US, your price $14.99 US
eCommerce Discount Bundle 3
eCommerce Discount Bundle 3
Price: $39.97

A Beginners Guide Revised

This is the Updated version of the “A Beginners Guide”, the first in my series of Books for those wanting to set up their own WordPress website.

Originally it was written for screen reader Users but as the Site Name reads, it is for people with “Bad Eyes”, that can mean Blind, Partially Sighted but does not exclude anyone who wants to learn how to set up their own Website, whether it is a personal Blog or business site.

While the language is written as though you were using a screen reader it is plain enough for you to understand if you dont use one.

A lot of things have changed in WordPress since I originally wrote the Guide and this is a reflection of the changes to the date of this writing.

I’ve added some new Plugins to my list of recommended ones and no longer use the Badeyes Skeleton Theme” as I now have 2 Themes in the WordPress Repository, one approved, Badeyes 2014 Child Theme and the other awaiting approval the Priority Theme.

If you read the first edition you’ll find a lot of new and updated information in this issue and I will wrap up the book by guiding you through the steps to create 2 different layouts using the Badeyes 2014 Child Theme.

If you didn’t read the first Edition then this Book/Guide is written from the perspective that you are new to WordPress and dont know the first thing about setting up a WordPress site.

I use easy to understand language and walk you from start to finish on setting up a basic Blog or Business site whether you use a screen reader or not.

This is a must read if you plan on reading more of my Books as I’m going to switch from laymans language to assuming that you know the ins and outs of navigating the WordPress interface so I can give you more relevant content and less detail on how to get around.

New in This Edition

  • Using Softaculous to Install WordPress
  • New Accessibility features
  • Basic Usage of the Customizer
  • Adding Images and Videos
  • Using Post Formats
  • Setting up the Wordfence security Plugin, complete with “Configuration Key” to set up default settings
  • How to Backup and Restore your Database
  • And a number of Quick Tips and short cuts

Not only has there been lots of new content added there is also a Community Forum and a new Interface, or “Dashboard” where you can easily do the following:

  • Edit your Profile
  • Check your Status/Products
  • Participate in the Community Forum
  • Access your Bookmarks
  • Contact form

If you already purchased the first edition then you can get it for just $4.99 by going to your Dashboard and buy it in your Products section, if you dont have it then you can purchase it below.

If you are already a Member then Login.


Note: PayPal also accepts Credit and Debit Cards.

Beginners Guide Revised
Beginners Guide Revised
Price: $14.99

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