Note: This book is out of date and is no longer for sale. Thank you for your interest.

Badeyes Launches Second Online Book in Its “WordPress for Badeyes” Series!

Learn how to build your own Personal or Business website.
by Geof Collis

After putting the finishing touches on my second Book: Build an eCommerce, Membership site with Community Forum it can now be purchased as a standalone or as part of a number of Discounted Bundles.

My first Book, WordPress for Badeyes: a Beginners Guide and its successor, A Beginners Guide Revised was written with simple, easy to understand language, this new Book is written from the perspective that you either read it already or you understand and know how to navigate the WordPress Admin interface.

A Beginners Guide Revised taught you how to secure a domain name, network host, and install and maintain a Personal or Business site, the premise of this new Book is on how to build an eCommerce, Membership site with Community Forum but can also be broken down into its separate components, for example:

  • eCommerce for selling digital products that Buyers can download through encrypted links
  • Free or paid Membership site only
  • Community Forum, public or private

Inside the Book you’ll find the following Chapters:

  • Build an eCommerce, Membership Site with Community Forum
  • Getting Started
  • Membership: General Settings
  • Membership: Member Settings
  • ecommerce: General Settings
  • ecommerce: Manage Products Settings
  • ecommerce: Miscellaneous Settings
  • Forums: Settings
  • Create a Forum
  • The Layout: Default Pages
  • The Layout: Navigation Menus
  • Create a Book
  • Shortcodes

Each Chapter walks you through step by step: installing and configuring the necessary Plugins; how to create different layouts; and offers many Page Templates and other extras to help you complete your ultimate website goal.

There are a number of Discount Bundles you can purchase that include my first Book and Premium version of my recently approved WordPress Theme, The Priority, so dont delay, head on over and Get a Discount Bundle Today!

Master WordPress

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Are you a more seasoned WordPress Developer? Want to learn how to build an eCommerce site? Membership site? Perhaps a Community Forum?

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